Most adults have some degree of sun-induced skin damage. Depending on complexion and sun-exposure history, it can range from mild to severe. As the sun damage in the skin progresses, most of us notice areas of color changes, skin spots, rough areas and “lumps and bumps.” While many of these changes are not directly dangerous, the sun damaged skin is at increased risk for pre-cancers, malignancies, and more.

It is important to have a Dermatology examination at least once a year to identify problem spots that need attention. As with most medical conditions, the earlier a problem is found, the easier the treatment, the higher the cures, and the better the results.

We individualize skin cancer prevention for the patient and their lifestyle. This includes patient involvement, skin examinations, treatment of pre-cancerous growths and malignancies, and approaches to reduce the development of new spots in the future. The effects of sun damage are cumulative over our lifetimes, so sun-protection is always a good idea. But as Floridians ourselves, we understand our trademark outdoor lifestyle, and promote strategies for smart sun-protection without missing out on enjoying our tropical paradise!